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I’m on my way ….



Good morning everybody


I am on my way to Johannesburg… then flying out to Australia tonight.

Hold thumbs that the ash cloud behaves itself and

we don’t have too many troubles :))



I wanted to show you this lovely piece by Elba Kruger.

This is a similar piece shown in my Dreamscapes book

for those of you who were fortunate to have bought the book

before it went out of print!



Click on the image to enlarge












See how Elba skilfully used variations of buttonhole stitch on the blouse,

and how she used my 6mm organza ribbon for the foundation of the skirt?


She then added little flowers on top in 2mm silk ribbon.


The lady’s hair is made from doll’s hair which is couched in shape

with a matching thread.


The cream flowers on the left were made in ribbon stitch and she used

7mm silk ribbon. The darker pink centres in 4mm silk ribbon and the same stitch.


The green leaves were made in straight stitch with

2mm silk ribbon and 3mm organza ribbon.












I have to show you this picture to show how Milly

is feeling about my leaving her (and the others) behind…

makes me want to cry!


Be good Milly, and try not to chew too many shoes in the house.



I will write from Sydney and Brisbane to let you know how we are doing.


Until then… HAPPY weekend, stitching world ♫♬♪♫♬♪♫♬


Be safe




4 thoughts on “I’m on my way ….”

  1. Hope you have a lovely time in Australia Di and that you return home safely to your beloved Milly! I absalutely love the Pond cottage Box 7, I can feel another order coming on!
    Love Virginia

  2. Dear Di, i love you and your two books i got down today “Roses” book and Embroidery and stump work. you are a wonderful creature in this world, thank you for your lovely stuff, it made my day to touch the books which is my life and love. i will try my level best to do a project from one of the books.

    enjoy your holiday in Ausi! tc.
    love sandya

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