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Single-knotted stitch

  Single-knotted stitch   is a lovely stitch to use when you need a frilly texture - whether it be in the centre of a flower, for a lacy dress or jersey or a little dog. It is also useful for making other furry creatures and teddy bears.   Click on image to enlarge  … Continue reading Single-knotted stitch

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How to make oranges

How to make oranges - a free tutorial for you ♥ Hello! The sun is shining happily in Cape Town and it's a beautiful day and today I thought you would enjoy learning how to make oranges! Here is the tutorial from my book: Ribbon embroidery and stumpwork.  Panel 10 from the flower sampler in the book... Click… Continue reading How to make oranges

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Turkey stitch

  Turkey stitch       Stitch diagrams are © 2012 Metz Press and Di van Niekerk     Turkey stitch is a wonderful versatile stitch when you want to add a fluffy texture in your design. A long looped thread is anchored to the fabric with tiny stay stitches. See diagram above.   Make… Continue reading Turkey stitch

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Long and short stitch

  Long and short stitch   This is a good filling stitch. Work with one strand of thread for the best results. When working large areas with two strands, separate the threads before inserting them in the needle. This way, the threads are smooth and untwisted.   Click on the images to enlarge    … Continue reading Long and short stitch