28 February 2022

Dear Dicraft team.

Today I really don’t know enough English words to express my gratitude after receiving my parcel unexpectedly today. 
I was totally blown away by your free gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It will be treasured till the end of days. 
Desiree from the Tsitsikamma on the Garden Route, South Africa.

2 February 2022


Good morning Di,


I have received my order from Fastway Couriers this morning. What a beautiful book you sent – many thanks – so much inspiration.


I will certainly enjoy getting on with my embroidery. Many thanks for your prompt attention and also for the beautiful gift – mustn’t let my granddaughters see that or I will need to get very busy.


Judy from Forest Hills in KZN, South Africa



24 January 2022

Good afternoon Di, 

We have just received the package and mommy is overjoyed! Her heart is singing! And tonight she will be dreaming embroidery embroidery embroidery…
Thank you so so much and also thank you so much for the book it is so special! 
May you and your team be blessed 10thousand times over and over.
Kindest regards

Melissa from Randfontein, near Johannesburg. 




20 December 2021

I received everything.  You have a very responsible team.  Love the kits and can’t wait to get started.  Again, what a wonderful staff.  
Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year. Love you and so appreciate you and your staff.
Karen from California. 

25 September 2021

Oh my goodness!   Once again thank you, thank you for this beautiful Box Full of Lessons!
I just received the “Wish You Were Here” embroidery kit.  It is truly a global effort for you to get
all the luscious ribbons and thread together for us in these kits.  Great job!  And your kits are always so organized and every item is clearly marked and ready for stitching.
And thank you for the sweet note and gift of “Swan Cottage”.  I so enjoy your artwork and sharing your knowledge and skill with the embroidery world is a great gift from you!
Thank you so much,
Stay safe and healthy,
Diana from Hempstead, Texas USA

05 September 2021

Needlebook kit – A Summer’s Afternoon

Just received it now! Thanks so much for the little extras… especially the needle threaders!

Just so you know, this was the most positive delivery service ever encountered!!!

Philippa from Modi’in, Israel



05 September 2021

Needlebook kit – A Summer’s Afternoon


“Hello Di,

Thank you for your beautiful kit. 

I have only just now had the time to actually open it and peruse the contents. What an amazing and beautiful kit this is!”

Lesley from Shorncliffe, Queensland, Australia 



14 September 2021

Thank you so much for your efficiency and speed in getting my Blue Window kit to me.
The packaging and presentation and instructions are so very well done!
You are the best!!
Happy Stitching!
Diana from Hempstead in Texas



23 August 2021

Hi Di

Just wanted to let you know I received my parcel today – what a delightful collection of treasures! Thank you so much for all the extras too!
Thank you again for your lovely work – it makes the world a better place!    😊
Margaret from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. 

12 August 2021


Hi Di,
I hope you and your family are well.  
I received my order today and was very happy with the beautiful ribbons. The colors are gorgeous! The subtleties in the ribbon
really make the flowers I sew come alive. I can’t wait to continue my project.
My Uncle of 89 has decided to retire this year and I am in the process of making a tree (thread) with leaves (silk ribbon)
He once sent me a card that had a tree on it that he drew himself.  (I think we have a theme going)
Thank you for the gift!  The needles are very welcome and I am sure they will come in handy with this project. 
I really appreciate your lovely ribbons and supplies. They are beautiful and top-notch.
Wishing you good health.
Deborah from Clinton Township, Michigan, USA

12 August 2021


Hi there!  I just received my beautiful kits and ribbons this afternoon!  What a surprise to get them 2 days early! 

As always, they are beautiful and packaged so lovely.  Your ribbon colors are like no other….thank you so much!! 

Thank you for the needles too!  xoxo


Toni from Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States


12 August 2021

Dear Di
My parcel of loveliness arrived today thank you so much, I absolutely love it all as I knew I would. 
I can’t believe how quickly it got here, I wait longer for local deliveries 
Thank you also for including the freebies – you are very kind.
Stay safe and happy stitching 

Wendy from Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex, England.



31 July 2021


I received my order today! I’m so happy!
Embroidery panels and Ribbons are very beautiful!
Thank You very much
Thank you for lovely gift.
Best regards 
Wanda from St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada


02 July 2021

Received my new kit today!!! 5 days sooner than expected. So exciting and excited. Thank you for my extras, my gift. 

Even tells me the story of wisteria and as a Master Gardener in Palm Beach County for the state of Florida, I really appreciated the extra touch.

Thank you. 

Sheryl from Greenacres, Florida




14 June 2021


Di, I was so surprised to find my latest package on my porch this morning.   It was originally scheduled to be here on Thursday.   I don’t know how DHL does it, but they are so much better than other delivery services. 

I’ve already opened the first kit and can hardly wait to get started.  I purchased 2 of the kits as Christmas presents for friends.  They are both quilters so I know this is a perfect gift for them.  
As always, I greatly appreciate the quality of everything you provide and I owe you for what small skill I have with ribbon embroidery.
Take care till next time. 
Leslee from Conroe, Texas, USA
14 June 2021

Hi Di!

Hope this email finds you well and happy today.  I know I am….received
my latest package from you good folks  (in record time I might add) and
once again a couple of surprises from you.  I wanted to pay for the
skeins and never imagined you would gift them….sooooo generous of you
Di. Literally don’t know what to say?  The fiber gift too is wonderful
as I have big plans  to incorporate those in my next projects.  The
Africa color palette is just gorgeous.  You really do capture the beauty
of nature in your colors. No one else can even come close.

Well have a great weekend.  It will be a rainy one here so,  I will be
busy embroidering and organizing my sewing room a bit. Again many thanks.

Hugs to all!

Joelle from Virginia, USA. 


04 May 2021


Good Afternoon Di

My parcel arrived this afternoon.  Thank you so much for your beautiful piece, the book and everything that is included in the parcel.

I am blown away and I am sure this will bring me hours of pleasure trying my hand at this craft.

Hopefully, this will not be my last order.

Thanking you,

Colleen from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 




03 May 2021

Hi Di,

Thanks so much for processing this order so quickly. I’m excited to start with this hobby again after so long. It is definitely food for my soul. 
Thank you for all your invaluable contributions in developing and promoting this beautiful work of art. 
Kind regards
Karen from Alberton in South Africa



17 April 2021

Dearest Di

I have received my parcel and can’t wait to start stitching. Your products are fabulous as always.
Thank you so very very much for ALL the lovely gifts, what a wonderful surprise.
Have a lovely weekend.
Until next time.
Warmest regards 
Teresa from Parys, Free State, South Africa 


16 April 2021


My order has arrived quicker than I get deliveries from U.K. shops!  
Many thanks.  The organza ribbons are delicious colours.  
Thank you so much.

Best wishes,

Lynn from Windsor, Berkshire, UK



08 April 2021

Hi Di,

The parcel just arrived. Many thanks for the gift.

Really speedy service.

Thanks again. Hope you are keeping well.

Love Di from CWMBRAN. Wales



16 March 2021


Hi, That’s me just received my ribbon in Largs, Scotland.  Thank you for the gift from Di. Much appreciated.   Quality of ribbon 1st class. Delivery even quicker. Great service.

Thanks again, Di.    

María from Largs in Scotland


09 March 2021

Just wanted to let you know my order arrived safely, hoorah for that! Much quicker than I had expected which was a lovely surprise this morning. Thank you so much for the extra little bits you put in for me. The panel in particular is so cute! And your silk ribbons are beautiful, they have a really lovely feel to them. I very much look forward to using them! I was having a bit of an “inspiration daydream” last night after looking at your ribbon colours, about other projects I could use your ribbons on and I have got a couple of designs in my head that I think they would be perfect for. So thank you for your lovely colours as they have inspired me to get even more crafty! Thanks again for all your help and advice, and everything – you’ve been amazing!!

Vikki in Lincolnshire, UK.


01 March 2021

I wanted to let you know that I received the order last week. I am so excited to get started on my new projects. Thank you for sending it so quickly and for the extra fun gifts. I love your work and look forward to purchasing more in the future.

Melynda from West Jordan, Utah, USA




25 February 2021

“Hi Diane 

I received my order last night at my door….crazy how quickly it got here … thank you sooo much for the needles… was down to my last 2 …. am excited to start on these …. my happy place … embroidery… I probably will be ordering some more soon … thank you again…Take care 

Janine from Florida USA


22 February 2021

Dear Di,

I’m so happy and exciting, that the parcel has arrived just two days before my birthday! Thank you for so many beautiful gifts, they are the most lovely birthday gifts I’ve had! Now I can stay home and make so many projects from you,  I’ve collected almost your books, and now l can practice each of them. 

I hope you are well, and the world will come safely soon!”

A Happy Customer from Taiwan.




11 January 2021

Hello!  I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience it was to purchase from you!!  I have followed your work for years and you make the most amazing art!   But, I didn’t buy anything because I was concerned about how I would make a safe payment and shipping overseas.  Using PayPal worked great.  DHL did a fantastic job.  They notified me with every step the package took.  I have had lots of trouble with local shipping and I thought receiving a package from overseas would be a terrible experience.  I sure was wrong!!!  Your package was very professionally packed.  Your friendly personal notes are wonderful!  Your products are beautiful. The shipping didn’t cost nearly as much as I was worried about – it was very reasonable.  I will be buying more!!!”


Susie in Corinth, Texas, USA





Hi Di, the Bottoms Up embroidery has arrived and I’m absolutely thrilled with it. DHL was very efficient at delivering during a  pandemic. Many thanks for all the assistance, kind regards

Sue in Victoria, Australia



13 December 2020


The package just arrived!  I haven’t opened it yet, just wanted to let you know it arrived and tell you a story. On Saturday I mailed a package – going from Pennsylvania to Florida – both in the US.  On Monday I received notice that you had mailed my package.  Well, the package I sent to Florida still has not arrived and it cost more than twice what you charged for shipping. Your package arrived early! Thank you so much and please keep sending your packages the same way!

Andrea from Pennsylvania, USA



12 December 2020

My order arrived today in good order.  Thank you so much for the lovely canvas!  The book is stunning; I will enjoy working through it and am thinking through some ideas on how to do some of my favorite California wildflowers with some of your techniques.  I may need to order the ribbon pack that goes with it but will do that after the first of the year.
Thank you; everything is beyond my expectations!
Please stay healthy and well during the holiday season and beyond.

Kate K.(Kathryn) from Temecula, California 




10 December 2020

Di, I received my package yesterday,  earlier than I expected.   What a beautiful selection of panels, ribbons and threads.  As I’ve said before,  it is always Christmas morning for me when I receive your parcels.   Thank you so much.  Keep well and enjoy the Holidays!

Leslee from Conroe, USA




09 December 2020

Dear Di,

Yesterday I have received my parcel. It is such a big parcel. I didn’t expect so many good things in the kit, with all the high-quality ribbons and special threads that I have never seen and all the accessories I need. They are my precious Christmas present!!! I regret I didn’t buy the other fairies in the sale now!

Most of all is the unexpected gift, your beautiful book, little flowers. I love it! ! It is so beautiful and informative . Definitely I will use it for more projects in the future.

Thank you so much. Hope all the best in the coming years.

Best regards A happy customer from Hong Kong




04 December 2020

Bonjour Di,
Last night I received my parcel… what a delight!It came so much faster than I expected and I appreciate the free gifts. Very thoughtful, thank you.
As we head into our long winter here I am looking forward to many, many hours of pure embroidering bliss!

Have a great day,

Sylvie from Gatineau in Canada





18 November 2020

Dear Di, I have got the package. I have no words! The kits are amazing!!!!!! Wonderful, magic, inspiring, beautiful! I am just amazed at how beautiful it is!

The feeling is as when you got a treasure and you unfold it and looking at every detail to see how precious it is!

And thank you so so much for a gift for me! I am so touched! I wish you so much luck and health and happiness and please continue what you do! It is pure beauty!

A big warm hug! Stay warm, loved and safe! Best wishes

Svetlana from Toronto, Canada.



THANK YOU for the beautiful inscribed books, tools, and gifts.  They arrived very quickly.  I think I received them Wednesday, 11/4/20.  I’ve been enjoying them every evening since.  THANK YOU again. Lisa, from Morada, California



My beautiful ribbons arrived today so my embroidery project can move on! I’m enthusiastic rather than experienced but it’s a joy to use such lovely materials.
A special thanks, too, for the surprise of the embroidery stitch book, needles and other goodies. So kind of you and very much appreciated.
Until the next order… Julie from TOURNON D’AGENAIS, France


Hello Di, My order arrived today.  The prints are even more gorgeous in person and the ribbons are exquisite! Thank you so much and thank you for the free gifts.  Most unexpected and very much appreciated.
Thanks again for all of your effort in getting these kits for me!
Love, Jacqueline from Thagoona Queensland, Australia





Hello Di,  My package arrived on Monday. I didn’t expect it to arrive as scheduled considering how many countries it has been in!  Opening the package was like Christmas.  I was very surprised by the wonderful gifts you included in my order.    Thank you so much for the autographed book and hand made felt.  And how did you know I needed needles?  What a wonderful surprise.  You didn’t just make my day, you made my week. Thank you for all you do. Andrea from Wyoming County, Pennsylvania






Dear Di,

I just received your lovely book “A Perfect World” and wanted to reach out and Thank You So Much for signing my book.  You always go above and beyond my expectations with every order and it is truly such an honor to receive a special handwritten note from you. 

Your attention to detail amazes me!  With each of your projects, I look at the pictures and think I could never do that, but with your detailed instructions and pictures, I have been able to make beautiful works of art, and I thank you for that.  

 Your artistic talent and ability to share and teach others has brought so much joy and beauty into the world and I am so grateful to you.

Thanks again! With warmest regards Renee from West Palm Beach, Florida USA



Hola,  I just wanted to let you know that I received my “most Beautiful Kit” today!!!,  Handbag – English Roses on Felted Wool. 

I have had some experience in working with Felted Wool, and I must say that what was sent is really, really nice quality, I very impressed!  I’m looking forward to working on this project with much delight, it will be a treasure.  It certainly is worth the cost.

Again my thanks for such prompt delivery, and for making such a lovely item possible.

Take care in these times and be safe. A very satisfied customer Lupe from Mill Valley, California



Hello Di
I have just received my order- what fantastic service, thank you so much.
The ‘prints’ are really beautiful and I can’t wait to get started, thanks so much for the free gift too, so kind of you.
I hope that you are staying safe and well. Wendy from East Sussex, UK.


Just wanted to let you know that I received my order this past Monday, beautifully packed as always. And thank you for the additional free items. I appreciate very much your prompt and courteous customer service. Best regards, Eileen Castle Rock, Colorado, United States



My parcel arrived safe and sound. What a delight to examine the wonderful colours. The ribbons are much more vibrant in reality.  I just love to look at them let alone imagining a finished project. Many thanks for my gift, it is a lovely size and just perfect to take into the hospital to while away the hours postop.Love and blessings to all in your workplace. Sincere regards Carol from Winchelsea in Victoria, Australia



Hi Ladies! Just wanted to say thank you for the parcel, I received everything in tip-top shape! Thank you for the hamper gifts too, so sweet of you both!Hope you are having a great day and Happy Holidays! Donna from Buena Park, California


Thanks and appreciation to “Di van Niekerk” for the sincerity of the cooperation, the seriousness of dealing and the technical support that I have received from you and which emphasises the dedication. In customer service to reach the highest degree of satisfaction with the service provided by a company to its customers. I thank you very much. Aisha from Umm Al Quwain, UAE



Today I received mine and Kathy’s previous orders.  So fast and efficient! I would also like to say that the personal attention to my needs is exceptional in this busy, business world. Thank you so much! Cheryl from Nipomo, California


Hello, I received my package in good condition. I just wanted you to know, this was the fastest delivery I have ever received. It was mailed in Cape town on Aug.1 @4:35pm and it arrived at my home in Commerce, Georgia, the USA on Aug.3 @5:35 pm. I feel like Christmas came early with all the gifts I received. Thank you so much! Elaine from Georgia USA


The package arrived today – I’m amazed DHL delivered since it is a federal holiday today – and I am so thrilled to get all the lovely ribbons and the canvases. Thank you so much for all the extras!!  I look forward to doing ribbon embroidery on a painted surface – I’ve just been using plain fabric to date. I have the book for this project so I can’t wait to start. Thank you again – for such prompt service and wonderful products. All the best Carole from Ridgewood in New Jersey, USA


My beautiful purple rain picture has arrived! And a gift! What a surprise. Many thanks for the monogram and thread. Such gorgeous colours! XxxLove and thanks from Karen in Lyndhurst, Gauteng


Dear Di, thank you for being so fast and attentive! And huge thanks for these two panels 🙂 I’ll be waiting for the tracking number from Sumi! I wish you can come here and see this beautiful city in summer when we have white nights! I think Cape Town is a wonderful place!I’ll let you know for sure when the parcel arrives. Have a beautiful day! Евгения Михеева Evgenia from St. Petersburg, Russia


 The package from you arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be more pleased. The kits are awesome and my gift was a great surprise! Thank you and I am looking forward to beginning my first project. There are other projects in Di’s book that I am looking forward to also.   Thanks again. Charlene from BISHOPVILLE United States Of America


Hello Ladies

I just wanted to thank you so so much for the beautiful kits that you included with my other kits! Everything looks fantastic and I am currently working on the Periwinkle Fairy and loving the fantastic materials and wonderfully detailed instructions. It is my kind of tutorial and so very helpful. I am already looking at other kits on your website and am looking for the instructions for the extra kits you sent. I hope to talk to you soon but in the meantime, I have enjoyed working with you on completing the first of many projects. I feel my Aunt Annabelle with me in every stitch and I want to thank you for that memory. Have a fantastic week and will talk to you soon! Renee from North Carolina, USA


My parcel arrived safely at my home last week. I am still pouring over the roses book, it is so wonderful. When I am forced to do other things, like cook and clean, l hug my book and beautiful ribbons in my heart. I smile at the sheer joy l get every time l open it. Thank you for the lovely free gift, l appreciate that very much. Wishing all in your place of work peace and love. Carol from Winchelsea, Australia


Hi, Di I have just received my parcel from you.   I have just spent the last hour going through it.  It was like getting a present,  absolutely full of beautiful things.  I am already planning my next order. Regards Carole from Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Dear Di, My wonderful package arrived safe and sound.  The canvasses are amazing, all of them. Favourite right now is the cottages. Thank you so much for the gift and 2 gorgeous little ones. All are treasures and will be treasured. Doing cottage for my son in the USA as it is like an Irish cottage which he will love. I gave 2 as gifts, so many homes will enjoy as well as much pleasure in doing. Again thank you for courtesy and such perfection makes it an experience to receive. I will indeed be ordering some more in the future. Sincerely Aine from Limerick, Ireland

Wonderful service the parcel arrived this morning before your E-Mail with waybill no. I was still in my PJ s on opening my parcel the sun just arrived with a smile in my day. Now the question which one to start with. We had our yearly fine art embroidery guilt on Tuesday 20th in Pretoria. Every year we have a theme. My project is always one of your items. When I arrive my friends can’t wait to see my project .thanks for all the years that Di v Niekerk ribbon embroidery walked with me,(with me behind my walker or in a wheelchair) since 2006. We are emigrating to the UK . I am so glad you are selling internationally. No other ribbon come near the sheen of your ribbons. With Panels accompanied by instructions on request and stumpwork. Always something new like your wool fibre now. Kindest Regards. Alta Robertson from Mooikloof, Pretoria, South Africa

Good afternoon my dear friends in Africa! The doorbell just sounded and I was thrilled to see my package had arrived!!!! Everything appears wonderful and I can’t wait to start this project. My other one (first one) turned out great and the framers just were astounded. They hadn’t seen ribbon embroidery and just loved it! Have a wonderful week! Kristy from Greensburg, IN 47240 United State

Good Afternoon, I wanted to let you know that I received my packet yesterday and everything is perfect.I am amazed at the speed in shipping and so excited to get started. Thank you so much for the lovely gift, I will begin working on that project first. You were more than gracious to my internet fumbles and I can not say enough about your wonderful customer service/support. Thank you again, Sandi, from Richmond, Virginia 23227 the USA

A VERY BIG THANK YOU, Dear Di, Thank you very much for the lovely parcel that arrived safe and sound this afternoon. So excited when opening it. Wow can’t wait to start it but will have to wait till next week when I start my four weeks leave. Thank you very much for the bonus kit and please pass on my “thank you” for the lovely way it was packed. Hope Renn is better and “thank” her please for taking the order. A very chuffed customer Tish from Buckinghamshire in the UK

The parcel arrived safely and I want to tell you that your ribbons are even more beautiful than I had thought! It’s really ART to recreate so perfectly colours of nature!

I did appreciate your kindness: it was a pleasure to discover your blog, then to see that it would be possible to order so far from my little French town, and to exchange warm e-mails! It makes your marvellous ribbons even more precious to me! Sorry if my English was a bit strange, I’m almost fifty and English is a very old school memory for me! Kindest regards Merci beaucoup, Bisou à toutes les deux!!! Amicalement, Paola from Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

I really look forward to receiving your gorgeous ribbons. Unique in the world! Maria from Switzerland

Many thanks, your order has arrived safely here in Spain. Thank you for your great service.  Just off to pick it up at the post office as I went out yesterday when it was delivered. Can´t wait to get started again. Elle from Malaga SPAIN


Having received the kits I ordered from you on Friday, I have now had a chance to look at them properly and I am thrilled with them both. The box full of lessons I think is wonderful and as I am new to ribbon embroidery I know I will find it most helpful. All the hints and tips and detail about perspective is exactly what I wanted (or needed!) to hear before I begin.   The colours of the silks are wonderful and the composition and attention to detail in every aspect makes me want to start it today! I am well on with my second flower fairy and must finish this before I start on a much bigger project. I have completed the red clover fairy for my granddaughter and am now working on the stork’s bill fairy for my daughter. Both designs are beautiful and for myself, I have purchased the white clover fairy. When we went to your website, I was tempted with the ‘wish you were here’ as it reminds me and my husband of our holiday spent on Lake Como and a real bonus that it is a boxful of lessons kit.   With kind regards Rita from Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I just wanted to tell you all how you made my day so wonderful!!!! I have been snowed in since February 16th.  Even my mail was only arriving every day or two.  We don’t often get this much snow and ice in my area so things tend to come to a stop. But today — my order from your wonderful company arrived with all those beautiful ribbons and threads.  It was like opening a bag full of spring-time. We’re expecting yet another storm tonight but I don’t even care.  I have my beautiful ribbons to work with so I’m a happy stitcher.  No cabin fever here!!!!Thank you for your awesome customer service!! Sherry from Tennessee, USA

My book arrived this morning and I am delighted with it thank you. Apart from having such beautiful illustrations the text is so easy to understand and the stitch diagrams, even for a newbie like me, are really clear. I have several other stumpwork and silk ribbon books but I think that Di’s book is far better than any of them. I love it that she explains everything and when she says on page 32 that the instructions have been written for ‘the total beginner in mind’ that is really true. Please tell Di how delighted I am with her book and thank her for putting the little inscription inside. Now I am off to get started on a project. Warmest regards, Noelene  from Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Wow, dinner was almost forgotten about last night, I received my parcel yesterday and sat for about an hour going through and playing with the ribbons for Roses and my panel.  Renn, thank you ever so much to you and Di, I really appreciate all the time and effort you girls have put into my order and assistance with it, and Di’s creations to give us the inspiration to create lovely pictures for our homes, not to mention the peace we experience making up these lovely pictures, well that’s when we don’t have to reverse stitch, haha. that’s a bugger.  Thank you too for the prompt postage, I wish you all the best in what you do and hopefully, I will be able to catch up with you again one day. Best regards Marianne from Perth W.Australia

Your parcel has arrived, thank you so much.  Having the postman deliver a parcel at the moment is miraculous.  You see we are experiencing the most horrific weather ever……hurricane-strength winds at times, no power (electricity)for nearly a week, trees fallen causing an inability to travel on our roads and the floods !!! biblical levels nearly.  So the Dove has come with an olive twig…there is LIFE out there !!  My parcel of beautiful silk ribbons, threads and Design has arrived !! You are so helpful and I love all the “goodies” in my parcel! You remembered to include everything I needed even though I was not confident at all about what I needed.  Thank you so much once again. We have family members in South Africa at the moment for a wedding and I believe the weather is superb.  Send some of it this way !! I hope you and Di are keeping well and I really treasure the enjoyment I get from the exquisite designs which pour from your wonderful creativity. Thank you so much……………  Helen from Kiltrea, Enniscorthy in Ireland

A Perfect World in Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork book I just thought I would show you pictures of my first panel.  I am so proud of how it came out (the pictures aren’t great, but you can get the idea.)  I love my little dragonfly! I am learning so much from the book and I am having so much FUN!  The instructions are so clear and the wonderful photography throughout the book really makes learning new techniques easy. The ribbons and threads are so beautiful as well.  I can’t wait to keep moving ahead on this piece!  I am already planning my next purchases, as I loved the garden scene that was in the recent email from Di.  Please tell her how much I appreciate her expertise and instruction. It is wonderful to live in a world of technology where we can learn from someone half way across the world!   Thank you for making these kits, books and materials available to us. Sheila from Nova Scotia, Canada

I received my shipment today.  Everything arrived perfectly fine. 

I’d like to say I’ve never seen such exquisite colors in ribbons and threads before in my life.  And the design on the RES fabric is intricate and beautifully painted.  Can’t wait to start going through the RES book and beginning this project.

And, thank you for the “extras”.

Mary Lou from Texas, USA

Thanks Heaps

Dear Di and Sumi, The parcel arrived today in record speed !! ….. I am in heaven … the kits and ribbons are so amazingly beautiful !! Thank you so so so much ……  for embroidering a smile in my heart. All the best!! Kindest regards, Lana from Coogee in Australia

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely ribbons I ordered I am putting them away as a Christmas gift for myself to use with your wonderful new book. I have all your books which I absolutely adore and taught myself silk ribbon embroidery from them but this latest book is so wonderful and for me, it combines my love of felting with my love of ribbon embroidery. Thank you so very much from a very, very happy customer and follower.  Luned in Denbighshire, UK.

Thank you so so much!! My delivery arrived this afternoon, and I am so pleased with the quality of the product. I’m sure Mum is going to love it. Thank you for such prompt service and delivery, as well as the wonderful free gift as well! I look forward to sharing the completed piece with you in the future. Kind regards Praveer from Oaklands in Johannesburg