Greetings, Stitching World, from a hot and sunny Cape Town. It’s a new year and the first month has now flown by. A lot is happening here at Dicraft. There’s a lovely new kit (I think you will love it as much as I do) and I have news about my workshops in Australia. I have also re-licensed a much-loved design for a limited amount of kits. I am sure that those of you who have asked for it will be delighted. As a free gift to you, I have a cute little design for you to download. Make it for someone special on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day ♥ or any day that you like!
Embroidery is a way of life, it helps us to keep calm and focused and what with everything that is happening in the world today, many of us know the secret of its wonderful therapy and how it helps us to unwind, to enjoy the down-time. And with some lovely ideas, we can help you to do just that!

What’s News?
New Hoop Art Series
I have made a gorgeous new kit and it’s a perfect size for anyone who would like to start with a small project.
Tea in the Garden is round and it fits perfectly in a 6 inch (15 cm) hoop. Once embroidered, it can stay in the hoop to be admired by many. Or you could frame it with a round mounting board or turn it into anything that needs a circular design.
The kit contains the threads and silk ribbons from my range of ribbon, the linen panel with the design printed on it, all ready to embroider. Also included, is the woolly fibre which I explain about in the step-by-step instructions, the needles, the voile backing fabric, a 6 inch (15 cm) wooden hoop, stitch guide and colour picture for close-up details as you stitch.
Tea in the Garden kit is selling a special price for the month of February. It will be ready to ship from 14 February 2020, while stocks last, so do place your order in time. Read more about the kit here.

The Countdown Is On | BATB 2020
I would so like you to join me in Australia at the world-class needlework convention in Adelaide! In a few days’ time the bookings open for this world-class event in Adelaide. The venue is fabulous, and the choice of accommodation is wonderful. Why not make it a special trip for yourself and bring a friend with you too!
I will be teaching three workshops at BATB 2020 and registration opens on 3rd February 2020.
Embroiderers from all over the world attend and it’s a fun-filled convention with lots of laughter and enjoyable activities.
I made three exclusive designs for this event and I just know that you will love learning all the new techniques and the ideas that will follow. You can choose to join one or two or all three workshops, whatever you decide, you’ll be sure to have lots of fun!
There are three workshops. A 2-day, 1-day and 3-day workshop.

Two-day Workshop. Class 55. Wild Wood Anemones
In this 2-day workshop, you will learn how to create a gorgeous three-dimensional design with silk and organza ribbons, featuring Wild Wood Anemones and leaves. You will learn how to create the lovely design below and you can also use the new techniques to fashion all sorts of other flower applications that are popular with dress-designers and milliners. You could also use what you learn here for new embroidery projects in the future.
Dimensions of the design: 13cm (5 1/8") square
Kit Cost: AU$99
Kit includes the fabric with pre-printed watercolour design, pre-printed fabric for stumpwork, backing fabric, tulle for flowers, water-soluble fabric, embroidery threads, ribbons, appliqué paper, woolly fibres, needles and a stitching guide.
RIBBON & SURFACE EMBROIDERY – Suitable for all levels, beginners are welcome.

One-day Workshop. Class 56 April Flowers
In the 1-day workshop, you will learn how to make five beautiful wildflowers in silk ribbon: Musk Mallows, Moon Daisies, Field Scabious, Bird's-foot trefoil and Garden Vetch. Learn how to work with silk ribbon and how to create life-like flowers. I will show you how to make hoop art with these wildflowers and how to create a posy of wildflowers in a glass jam jar.
Dimensions: Watercolour print: 12.5cm x 14cm (5" x 5 1/2"), Hoop art: 15cm (6") diameter
Kit Cost: AU$99
Kit includes the ribbons, cotton embroidery threads, pre-printed fabric, backing fabric, woolly fibre, metallic embroidery thread, needles and stitching guide.RIBBON & SURFACE EMBROIDERY – Suitable for all levels, beginners are welcome.

Three-day Workshop. Class 57 Primrose and Violets
In this 3-day workshop, you will learn how to make a three-dimensional design incorporating pretty Primroses and Violets using various techniques, including stumpwork and silk ribbon embroidery. Use the techniques that you will learn to create life-like flowers for new projects and enhance clothes, hair accessories, bags, knitted and crochet items. Or use the techniques that you will learn in future embroidery projects.
Dimensions: 15cm x 12.5cm wide (6” x 5”)
Kit Cost: AU$127
Kit includes the fabric with pre-printed watercolour design, printed fabric for stumpwork, backing fabric, tulle for flowers, water-soluble fabric, yarn/cotton/metallic embroidery threads, wires, ribbons, woolly fibres, beads, stamens, lilac x 3, needles and a stitching guide.
RIBBON & SURFACE EMBROIDERY – Suitable for all levels, beginners are welcome.
For more details and information on how to book, have a look here.

A New Release
Oranges and Bougainvillea
Good news! I have re-licensed a very popular design for a limited number of kits. Don’t miss out on this one!
This substantial kit contains everything that you will need to create this lovely design, the printed panel and stumpwork shapes, the instruction sheet written by Emma Kriegler, the threads and the ribbons from my range of ribbons and it is at a special price for the month of February. It will be ready to ship around the 14 February 2020.

A free gift for you
Valentine’s Day is coming up and I thought you would like to make this lovely design for that special someone. It will also be perfect for Mother’s Day if you need more time. Outline the details with thread, add a few beads or buttons, ribbon bows, and embellish with embroidery stitches. Whatever takes your fancy. Download it here.

Not sure what to get? We have some lovely Gift Packs for the special person in your life.
You will find some lovely gift ideas here.
If you ask, we will wrap the gift and will write a note for you. All you need do (when you check out or if you email us the order) is to type the message and we will make a lovely card and courier the gift directly to your chosen receiver or to you. The downloadable lessons, we will send you the link, or you can ask us to send it on to the person you are buying the gift for. As you check out, there is a comments box where you can write us a message.

Don’t Forget About the Nice Challenge!
Do you feel like a fun challenge?
I have licensed this gorgeous design and it’s just perfect for all kinds of creative embroidery.
Why not join the challenge? The challenge is for all stitchers out there to test their boundaries and to create something wonderful to share with other embroiderers across the world.
The only condition is that we all work on a similar printed fabric, a beautiful linen fabric that we will print for you in full colour. After that, the sky is the limit! You can use anything you like, any stitch or technique, any kind of thread, silk ribbon, yarn, roving, fabric, whatever takes your fancy.
The winners will be announced a week or two after the challenge ends on 31 May 2020.
So, there’s lots of time, it’s not a large design (14 cm or 5.5” square) AND you will inspire so many people because every single entry will be shared on my blog and social media.
Read more about the fun challenge here and you can buy the linen panel here.
If you would like me to assemble ribbons for you that will be suitable for this design, you are welcome to contact us with your request and Sumi will add the ribbons that I packed for you and she will include the printed panel. Sumi will send a request for payment via PayPal or PayFast.
♥ Have fun!

Till next time .... happy stitching, mooi bly!
Di van Niekerk and the team in Cape Town
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