In this issue: Our trip to Paris & England, Free Gift and New Kits
Greetings from a warm and sunny Cape Town. I hope you are well and happy. It has been a busy time for us here at Crafts Unlimited. Having returned from a most creative and inspiring trip to France and England, you can imagine what the backlog was like back home... but everything is on track now and I am able to sit quietly to write my newsletter to you
Off to Paris
Our trip to Paris, Birmingham and London was so positive, so inspiring and it was good to spend time with talented friends, authors and publishers. Trish Burr, Hazel Blomkamp, Wilsia Metz, Louie Rey-Edgar and I stayed in a lovely hotel in Paris, situated conveniently close to the exhibition hall and the famous L'Aiguille En Fete needlecraft show.
We had so much fun taking in the sights of beautiful Paris. We walked and talked and ate delicious meals and drank lovely wine and chatted, and chatted some more. It was perfect and I will always remember this special trip.
Soon Trish, Hazel and I were teaching our different workshops at the busy L'Aiguille En Fete and I signed books for my brilliant French publisher: Alexis Faja of Tutti Frutti Editions.
The workshops went well and I thank you Françoise Gad, for helping me to translate and to teach... I am so grateful for your assistance and it was lovely to meet you all. I hope you enjoyed your class!

We saw interesting things at the show... I loved this three-dimensional piece by Sacha.
And felting was big! We fell in love with this delicate white dress and its three-dimensional white felted flowers. The dress on the right was fascinating too - all done in felt!
We met many creative, talented artists and saw unique and clever creations - my artistic side just wishes I could sit still for a week, or a month, to absorb all the images and the inspiring ideas...
Off to England
We then left for London on the Eurostar and the following day, the famous Wilsia Metz of Metz Press gave a presentation for us at the Craft Hobby + Stitch International show in Birmingham. Titled How to export your craft successfully, it was an interesting seminar and we enjoyed speaking to other crafters to offer advice and to answer questions about exporting their own crafts.
It was a great pleasure to meet up with the multi-talented Search Press team at Birmingham and their stand was a buzz of excitement, filled with buyers who were interested in all their newly released titles.

There were so many beautiful books to look at; I could have stayed all day!
We stayed at a gorgeous Inn at Stratford-upon-Avon - the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

We had a lovely time there... even visited a grand palace: Blenheim Palace, near Oxford, which is surrounded by a romantic park created by the famous landscape gardener 'Capability' Brown.

Back in London, the talented Louie Rey-Edgar of Bridges Craft books showed us around and we ate the most delicious food. The English do know how to cook, that's for certain!
Search Press
Then we travelled to Search Press headquarters in Tunbridge Wells and spent a delightful day there, seeing their incredible setup and meeting everyone at Search press.

We had a get-together with Caroline de la Bedoyere - Marketing & Export Director and Rosalind Dace - Editorial Director, about future books and I will tell you all about this soon. Do subscribe for free and stay in touch with the latest news and events.
The Royal School of Needlework
We were so fortunate to visit the Royal School of Needlework in Hampton Court and were met by a lovely person, Monica Wright, their Media Relations Manager, who generously gave us her time and expertise to show us exquisite masterpieces in embroidery. From traditional goldwork to delicate whitework, crewelwork with the Jacobean style to blackwork and other numerous techniques.

We went into their lecture room and saw some stunning pieces being taught. I was so impressed with the ambience in that room. One could literally feel all the creativity... and the windows and views... unbelievably beautiful. If I could work there I would be ecstatic! The RSN offers degree programmes in Hand Embroidery and the students we saw there looked so happy, lucky them!
I met Rachel Doyle, the author of Canvaswork from the Series: RSN Essential Stitch Guides. Rachel was working on a magnificent crest in silk shading for Savoir Beds. This piece you will find on RSN's Facebook page... scroll down to 7 March 2013. I also had the pleasure of meeting the talented Sophie Long, who was part of the team to Longwork on Kate Middleton's wedding dress. Sophie has just finished writing an exciting book: Mastering the art of embroidery. Good luck with your new book Sophie! Hazel Blomkamp was delighted to see her book in the RSN shop and I just love this photo of her happy face!

It was a fabulous trip and so inspirational. Needlework is very much alive. We saw this everywhere we went. In fact, it is flourishing!
A gift for you with every order
A free gift for you:

Heart shapes are always popular with embroiderers, and I have a lovely pattern for you to download for your collection with every order that you place on my website. Trace the design onto fabric and embroider it with ribbon or thread, make a lovely herb cushion or maybe a ring cushion for a wedding; use it to make a journal cover or for a room decoration... whatever takes your fancy. Enjoy!
New Kits
New kit 1

Ballerina at Ease

The beautiful ballerina by Marlize Meyer from Lynnwood Ridge in Pretoria, South Africa is featured in Inspirations Magazine issue 77 and the kit for this stunning design is available directly from their website while stocks last. Enjoy!
New kit 2

Bernadette admiring the spring flowers

This lovely kit: Bernadette admiring the Spring Flowers is a new release. This is a fun project to make!

I do so love this little girl with her watering can.

Embroidered by the talented Emma Kriegler, she is sure to become a firm favourite in the Sarah Kay range of designs which we have licensed especially for you.
Bonuses and special offers
There's a super new Bonus for you this month!

For every order that you place over R950.00 (just over 100 US Dollars) you will receive a 10% discount on your order.



Read about our other special offers here.
The Competition E-Book
Annine van Reenen and Werner Etsebeth are working on this beautiful book. Annine, the editor has been in contact with the winners and she is busy with the layout. It is a mammoth task as there are over 450 images to edit and to work with and as soon as I have news about the publishing date, I will let you know, I promise. I am so excited to see what this talented team will create with your beautiful pieces.

I for one cannot wait to see this gorgeous book which will be filled with inspirational photos of the best in the world. The close-up, detailed photography will become a wonderful guide for every ribbon embroidery enthusiast.
New stockists
I have added new stockists to our list and we wish them the warmest welcome on board. Please have a look on this list to find your nearest stockist and teacher. Why not ask to join their classes - the workshops are always such fun! Creative sessions like these are good for the soul... and perfect therapy for busy people who need some time to recharge.
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French Ribbon
I have added a lovely new product which is very useful for adding a fluffy texture in your design.

French Ribbon comes in 3 metre/yard packs and there are 11 lovely colours to choose from.

Click on each colour for more information about the product.
The Fairest Cape
I thought you would enjoy seeing the beauty of the Cape. This photo was taken by my friend Lyn Veary on a hike at Cape Point. Don't you think it's beautiful? We so enjoy our hikes and maybe one day when you visit Cape Town we may pass you on the way to another beautiful spot...
Until then, enjoy your embroidery and have a happy, creative month

Kindest regards

Di van Niekerk and the team in Newlands in Cape Town