Dreamscapes 2021

New!  Dreamscapes fabric prints for embroidery. Beautiful fabric prints/panels/designs for embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, creative embroidery from Di van Niekerk. Ready to embroider with thread or ribbon.

Ideas for this Silk Ribbon Embroidery pattern/design/print

The idea is to cover the flowers and any other detail in the design with embroidery stitches. The beginner can use simple stitches such as Lazy Daisy, French Knots, backstitch, chain- or stem stitches to fill in the painted areas. The more advanced embroidered can use any stitch she likes to enhance the design with spectacular effect! There are very few rules here — do as you please and embroider your own masterpiece! Use the painted detail as a guide when choosing colour or texture. Or you are welcome to write to Di and she will help you select the ribbons or threads for you.

Cover the flowers and leaves (and any detail you like) with stitches to enhance and add dimension. Not one completed design will look the same as another, allowing for your unique creation. For a quicker project, simply leave it as is and allow the watercolour to show through.

About Threads, Yarns and Ribbons for this Silk Ribbon Embroidery pattern/design/print

Use 6-strand embroidery cotton, silk or rayon threads. Perlé 8 or 12 will work beautifully on this design too. We use threads from the Chameleon, Maxi Mouline, DMC and Rajmahal ranges.

Silk and organza ribbons are from Di van Niekerk’s beautiful range and there are more than 130 gorgeous colours in different widths. You will find more information about the ribbons on this page of our website.

Different yarns, fibres and wools work well amongst the treads and ribbon stitches and here is your chance to use up all the surplus supplies that you have hoarded over the years!

There are no instructions, and you can use your own artistic license.  The helpful thing about these panels is that they are printed in full colour onto heirloom-quality cloth, and you can embroider as little or as much detail as you like, depending on the time that you have at your disposal.

Have fun! We would so love to see your creation.

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Showing all 28 results