Pansies on Nuno Felt




Pansies on Nuno Felt – page 83

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A Beautiful new kit for the new book: The Art of Felting and Silk Ribbon Embroidery
*** Do you have the book?  You will need to follow the instructions on page 83 of the felting book. Read more about it here.

Learn how to make gorgeous three-dimensional pansies on a rich and textured Nuno felt background.

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 Make a spectacle case or a mobile phone case or a little purse, whatever takes your fancy…

Use colorful fabrics to complement the textures….


This kit would also make a lovely gift for someone special in your life ~  ~

 Please note: the Nuno felt is made by Dana Biddle and her team and they live very far away from our studio. So if we run out of the felt and they have to make it for you,  it may take 3 or 4 weeks for your kit to be packaged and sent to you via our very reliable international courier. 

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The kit includes a lovely hand-felted Nuno felt background in approximately 30 x 18 cm (each piece is hand-crafted)



Lining fabric (a little larger than the above piece) in a complementary color, Note: the fabric will be different to the lining in the pictures, but will be a good match for the Nuno felt


the silk ribbons:



6 packets 13mm
2 packets 7mm
2 packets 4mm
1 packets 2mm




5 different threads


Plus the needles and beads



*** If you would like to make your own Nuno Felt and only need the other requirements in this kit, you are welcome to order this kit (without the Nuno felt) by emailing us at 

Please mention that you would like to order Pansy case without the Nuno background.