Poppies kit from little flowers book





Poppies by Marina Zherdeva in Little Flowers book



The Poppies kit from Little Flowers book 


1. The embroidery panel: the line drawing printed onto pure silk Dupion fabric, ready to embroider, exactly the same size used in the book.


2. The backing fabric which is already over-locked onto your embroidery panel (see above) ready to insert in a 10 inch (25 cm) hoop.


3. All the ribbons


4. And all the threads.


5. Plus the stumpwork wire and wool fibre


6. All the packets of needles that you will need for this project.


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 Poppies by Marina Zherdeva in Little Flowers book


This kit will help you to complete this lovely design which is featured in the little flowers book. Suitable for the beginner to this art form, it is sure to enchant everyone who sees it.  Enjoy!


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