Pink Delight – a Beautiful Ribbon Embroidery Kit




     Pink Delight – a Beautiful Ribbon Embroidery Kit


  1. This kit contains ALL the threads, ribbons, yarns and fibres, needles, backing fabric etc. plus the embroidery panel that you require for the Pink Delight project. 

  2. Pink Delight project is for the beginner to the advanced embroiderer, everyone will enjoy this lovely project.

  3. When you buy this kit, you will receive the step-by-step lesson as an e-Book for you to download and save on all your devices. This way you can zoom in to see the photos close-up. You can also copy and paste into google translate if English is not your first language. 

  4. If you prefer the printed book, please, let me know in the comments box when you check out and we will print the book for you and include it in the kit.

  5. The kit will be ready to ship from 17 September 2021 


The kit for the Pink Delight project includes:


  1. The e-book (or the printed book if you ask for it) with step-by-step photographs and detailed instructions. In the e-book, you will be able to download and save on all your devices so that you can zoom in on the photos as you stitch. 

  2. The PINK DELIGHT – A3 (Large) embroidery panel, ready to embroider.

  3. The backing Fabric – soft cotton voile

  4.  All the needles that you will need

  5. Stitch Gallery

  6. The threads, yarns, fibres, and ribbons: 50 packets of the gorgeous Di van Niekerk’s Ribbons, 26 skeins of thread (DMC variations, Maxi Mouline) and woolly fibre, yarn, beads, felt leaves.



and the completed project.