Ribbon Pack for Purple Rain by Karen Nell




This beautiful piece, titled Purple Rain by Karen Nell from Lyndhurst in Johannesburg, was one of the winners in the 2018 International Silk Ribbon Embroidery Competition.

Karen’s amazing talent is incredibly popular with embroiderers and we have received so many compliments for the kits that we have launched.

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You are welcome to download Karen’s notes here. Thank you, Karen, for your kindness. 


We have packed a ribbon kit for Karen’s version of Purple Rain and it is now available as a ribbon pack

This is what the ribbon pack contains:



Ribbon Pack for Karen Nell’s Purple Rain
2mm silk  6 packets
4mm no. silk  11 packets
7mm no. silk 6 packets
3mm organza 5 packets
6mm organza 1 packet
29 Packets in total


Note: The threads and fibres are not in the pack. The pack contains only the hard-to-find silk and organza ribbons. 


You can use your own stock of threads following the picture as a guide for colour or purchase similar colours from your nearest store. The DMC six-strand or any similar threads will be just fine.

If you don’t have an embroidery panel to work on yet, it is (in the same size as the one that Karen made) available here.