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A Rose basket for you from Saint Petersburg, Russia


A Rose basket for you from Saint Petersburg, Russia



Good morning ♪♫ it’s a jewel of a day in Cape Town — the sun is shining and

I wish you could see all the butterflies in our garden…




I want to show you a magnificent piece by Valentina Razenkova from Saint Petersburg in Russia.

She sent me this exquisite basket of roses….but do have a look at the background!


Click on the images to enlarge




See how she has embroidered onto sheer organza fabric? See how her window is showing through the organza background?


I asked her how she prevented the background from puckering out of shape — her beautiful basket and roses are quite a heavy texture for such a delicate background.


Valentina replied that she did not use any backing material…all she did was to use a tapestry needle and a very gentle tension as she stitched. Amazing.  Don’t you think it is a masterpiece?





Here is a close-up of her basket…click on the image to enlarge





And her roses… what a gift she has!



 And close- up detail of her roses…





Tomorrow I will tell you about a lovely story of an artist and embroiderer who travelled from Australia to Russia to learn from this master in ribbon embroidery 🙂


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Thank you Valentina, I salute you and thank you for sharing your incredible talent with all of us. I will add other close-up photos of her remarkable landscapes in the weeks to come.


Enjoy your Thursday everyone


Until tomorrow…

Take care





7 thoughts on “A Rose basket for you from Saint Petersburg, Russia”

  1. I truly believe the stitcher is a living genius. Her bouquet is absolutely incredible; I envy her her skills. I am sure she has to swat away the bees.
    Thank you for the lovely posting.

  2. At first I thought it was a real rose busket but as I continue reading, it really shock me for such a beautiful peace. Thank you so much for sharing..

  3. This is really fantastic. There are no words to describe such a beautiful piece of ribbon embroidery. Congratulations to the stitcher. Thanks for sharing it.

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